About Qubetech Net Label

Qubetech Internet Label

We promote a selection of music from mixed styles and genres – anything from trance, ambient, ethnic, spiritual, rock, electronic, hard and soft. What the music shares in common is that we like the quality of production and performance. The general outlook will change along with the growth since this site recently started. Music for the evolution and healing of our species.

If you want your music to appear on this site or have any suggestions for appropriate music, contact us.

JS.Bach at home

JS.Bach. Music session at home.

Part of the inspiration for this website comes from the obvious catalytic transformation Mother Earth and her inhabitants are now going through. Change is accelerating and old structures that are based on inequality and exploitation are beginning to show their inherent faults, often with unusual coincidences. Odd synchronicities like the fact that historically the worst earthquake ever hitting China occurred on Buddha’s birthday. Or thoughtless inconsistencies such as the petrol industry encouraging farmers to cultivate crop for bio-fuel in order to save the world from dependency on oil, when the grain used to fill one SUV tank of bio-fuel could feed one person for a year. And this is while some of the scientists proclaiming success with the electromagnetic perpetual propulsion engine are treated as if they were criminals. All this is symbolic of a transformation that will eventually bring us into a time of increased creativity, responsibility, harmony and sanity.